December 5, 1976: “bills lose”

With a high of 28° and some light snow, December 5, 1976 meant a full week with temperatures below freezing, pretty impressive this early in the season.

Even more impressive was O.J. Simpson’s 203 yards rushing versus the Miami Dolphins, following up a single-game record (at the time) 273 yards against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. Alas, you’ve probably already noticed that the December 5 game was against the Miami Dolphins, the team that I like to say “stole my childhood.” The Bills went zero for the 1970’s against the Dolphins, or more simply, 0-20. Their loss to Miami dropped the Bills’ record to 2-11.

It’s worth mentioning the Bills’ back-up quarterback, Gary Marangi, here. With Joe Ferguson out the final seven games of the 1976 season, Marangi led the team to a 0-7 record with seven touchdowns to sixteen interceptions. His 35% completion percentage is still an NFL record for futility. Marangi’s 1976 season is widely regarded as the worst ever for a quarterback.

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