December 3, 1976: “Mary’s Birthday!”

Some people begin celebrating Christmas immediately after the trick-or-treaters leave; others wait until Black Friday or the weekend after Thanksgiving.

For me, Christmas doesn’t really start until my sister Mary’s birthday, December 3.

Happy birthday Mary!

December 3, 1976 started cold, 6° to be exact, and just got colder. It bottomed out at -3° at 8am, still a record for the date. Some light snow fell as the evening gave way to night.

I don’t recall any specific elation, but I do remember schools were closed for the third day in a row. I’m not certain why I remember that little fact. Was I excited that we had a five-day weekend immediately after Thanksgiving’s four-day weekend? At ten years old, though, I still liked school. Maybe I remember because I was kinda bummed and bored. I don’t know.

I guess I’m at the age when I wonder about the memories that stick but don’t care enough to find out why.

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